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The story begins...

About fifteen years ago, over a holiday soirée at Bouchon, inside their private nook known as The Cork Room. While sipping great burgs and champagne, with lively banter between bites of our sumptuous meal, we discovered some common threads in life. Like my father, he served as one of "the few, the proud" in the Marine Corps during war combat. We appreciate hard work, discipline, and share a passion for great business opportunities. For us, being an entrepreneur is intrinsic...it's a way of life. So, why did we decide to join forces to create this business? Perhaps, best coined by philosopher Aristotle, "the whole is more than the sum of its parts."

Wine has a rich history, for more than 7000 years of civilization it has been embraced for cultural, traditional, medicinal, and religious customs and beliefs. For us, wine is about conviviality...sharing a bottle of vino at the family table, clinking our glasses during times of celebration, or socializing with friends at a neighborhood joint. Laplace Wine Bar & Shop will have a chalkboard of thought-provoking wines by-the-glass, retail space with an eclectic array of local and import 750s, craft beers flowing from tap, and gourmet gifts for immediate consumption or wrapped to go. Relax and unwind in our idyllic Mediterranean patio and quench your thirst with a glass of Rosé or sink your teeth into a savory Syrah. We're here to make your visit and shopping experience convenient, approachable, and memorable.

About Betty Dunbar Laplace Wine Bar & Shop

Wine enthusiast with a pioneering spirit...

Betty Dunbar’s extensive background in wine retailing, wholesaling and importing has exposed her to a broad and enticing array of both old world legends and new world upstarts, particularly the efforts emerging from Santa Barbara County. Most recently, she opened and operated Wine + Beer Bar at the Santa Barbara Public Market, and managed The Winehound wine shop. Whether savoring an aged Burgundy or assessing a Sta. Rita Hills Pinot Noir, she’ll utilize her seasoned palate to put the appropriate bottle in your hands!

About Dennis Peterson Laplace Wine Bar & Shop

Passionate wine collector...

Dennis Peterson served as a combat officer in Vietnam, where he received the Purple Heart.

He left the Marines in 1967 with the rank of Captain, then was stockbroker with Morgan Stanley/Dean Witter, and later worked in the field of finance as Regional Vice President of a major investment counseling firm. His career has been immersed in real estate, as he now manages several commercial buildings and 200 residential units in the central coast area. Dennis's most prized possession might be his private wine cellar, which lucky for us, he is graciously offering a small allotment to Laplace!

"I have known Betty for many years, she provides World Class service to her clients and provides some of the best Wines in the industry. Betty has a knack for finding those hidden gems. I can't wait to try this place, I know it will be amazing!." 5 stars
Facebook posted May 19, 2016