Robert Cantin

Robert Cantin Pinot Noir Les Grezes

Elegant light Pinot Noir. Ruby color with a fine, fruit driven nose with notes of red berries. Highly recognizable as pinot noir with round mouthfeel and fruit finish with peppery note on the finish. Match it with cold cuts and white meat dishes such as chicken breast with pan fried mushrooms and herbs. The winery has a strict management process approach to the vineyard (organic, no herbicide, grass-growing, hoeing, ploughing, disbudding, green harvest…), hard work in the winery (wild/natural yeasts). The wines are made to reflect their appellation, while still retaining a house style, and offer superb, artisan quality at very good prices.
"I have known Betty for many years, she provides World Class service to her clients and provides some of the best Wines in the industry. Betty has a knack for finding those hidden gems. I can't wait to try this place, I know it will be amazing!." 5 stars
Facebook posted May 19, 2016